Cross-organizational intranet portal for the First International Bank of Israel

  • Banking
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Digital Strategy
  • DevOps
  • Drupal 8
  • Angular
  • Design System
  • LDAP Integration


  • Multisite Drupal 8 foundation
  • Web component-based design system
  • Advanced security protocols and data security for development, deployment, and maintenance
  • Modular and customized roles and permissions system
  • LDAP integration

The challenge

The First International Bank of Israel’s internal systems were in an end-of-life state. They needed a long-term solution that would gradually replace the existing legacy systems. Open-source technologies were the answer.

The bank chose Dofinity for this project thanks to our long history of executing complex projects centered around compliance and data security requirements.

Building a system that would service the bank’s 4,000+ employees wasn’t easy, though. Here are some of the challenges we faced:

  • Working with different teams that each had their own unique needs We received many different requirements from many different departments, so we understood immediately that we needed to find the sweet spot between the tailor-made features each department wanted and an efficient generic infrastructure.
  • Multi-site and componentization support Each department needed its own website for administrative and managerial purposes that also maintained the same look and feel as the other sites. Naturally, this requirement led to a more general requirement of cross-sites componentization.
  • Compliance requirements and data security As befits a bank, the compliance requirements and overall data security guidelines were significant. A detailed security design was needed to ensure that the delivery process and all developments followed the bank’s strict security requirements.
  • Advanced roles and permissions system Such a system was required to provide detailed control and supervision on different levels alongside LDAP integration and a single sign-on mechanism.

The Solution

Drupal 8 with multi-site architecture

The decision to go with Drupal was the easiest one we made on this project. Its state-of-the-art security practices, multi-site support features, and powerful componentization capabilities are just a few of the reasons why we considered Drupal to be the right technology for this project.

We developed a Drupal 8-based multi-site infrastructure that uses one code base for all of the different websites while still providing per-site customizations and components creation as needed.

We also worked closely with the bank’s cybersecurity department to create different development and delivery protocols, and offered Drupal-related security training for the bank’s IT department.

DevOps infrastructure for new site creations

We developed a DevOps infrastructure that streamlines the process of creating new sub-sites.

This infrastructure helps create a new sub-site with a basic configuration and several themes to choose from using one simple CLI command.

Advanced LDAP integration

To provide the highly cable yet seamless roles and permissions system, we created an LDAP integration to the Drupal infrastructure. The roles on Drupal are derived from the groups in LDAP, and the organization is managing all permissions at the org-level. The Drupal infrastructure simply follows the organization’s roles and permissions and renders it unnecessary to manage users and permissions in more than one place.

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