How to build a secured and performant enterprise website within 4 weeks?

  • Gaming
  • Architecture
  • Web Security
  • Frontend development
  • DevOps
  • JAMStack
  • GoHugo
  • AWS Lambda functions
  • REST Integrations


  • Uncompromised user experience
  • Extremely short Time-To-Market
  • Serverless architecture
  • Enterprize-grade SLA

The challenge

The global gaming leader - Playtika, have decided to go for a full re-brand. Company’s website was to be rebuilt from the ground up within extremely short timeframe - 4 weeks.

The website goal is to attract potential employees and have them apply for a job. For that end the website has to present the currently open positions fetched from Playtika’s internal systems.

  • Breadth and Depth
    Site should work flawlessly on vast range of devices and resolutions. Considering the highly animative nature of the website that requirement was anything but the usual “let’s do it responsive”.
  • Timeline
    Go live date was not negotiable. It was cut in stone. Development work had to start before graphic design was fully ready which meant extra risk on timeline and budget.
  • Compliance
    At the early stages of the project the customer made it clear that all compliancy aspects e.g. security, performance, accessibility, etc. should be thoroughly covered. For enterprise-grade agencies expectations are clear - there is no room for any “glitches” within these areas.

The Solution


The Solution

Looking back at the project there were 2 factors which allowed the team to overcome the above challenges:

Choosing JAMStack architecture

That choice allowed the team much faster TTM then the usual which made it possible to meet the aggressive timeline. It also made it possible to provide the required high-standard compliance within that short timeframe.

Teaming up

The customer and the 2 companies involved (UX agency and development agency) formed up a highly cooperative team. Agile approach was quite aggressive - one week sprints - which made it possible to keep the project within its framework.

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