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AI powered Decision making

Explore our diverse range of services empowering your organization in harnessing AI, for enhanced decision-making processes


An organizational process of learning and initial experimentation in AI. This service helps your organizations understand the benefits of AI and start using it thoughtfully, with an excellent experience that fosters curiosity and motivation to continue.

Let's do it

After understanding the capabilities and experimenting with several pinpoint projects, it's time to make bigger changes, harnessing the capabilities and bringing significant impact.


Geared towards preparing organization's employees for intense leverage of AI to boost the org performance. The process is uniquely tailored to the organization, with careful consideration of organizational culture, business goals, and existing data.

Leadership Workshop

Engaging with AI. The workshop is designed for management teams interested in understanding the potential of AI and implementing it in the organization.

AI Ambassadors Program

A team of talents from within the organization practically experiences AI tools. No more theoretical talks, but a team of 12 talents from within the organization gaining practical experience in AI technologies tailored exactly to what the organization needs.

Help your Data/Infrastucture/CISO

Dofinity's team, consisting of AI architects, data scientists and software engineers, will accompany the organization's IT personnel, train them to use the most advanced AI tools, and support them to enable AI backed decision-making.

Strategic Plan

Examination of the organization's strategic plan with regards to AI. Working closely with management to enable AI into the company's strategy and therefore improve the company business results.

Let’s do it

Dofinity's team will accompany you, step by step, in implementing significant and essential AI projects in the organization. Together, we will move the needle!

To implement projects successfully with organizational and business impact, it is vital to follow the right process:


Data Collection

Accurate and comprehensive data collection is crucial in any AI process. Precise and thorough data collection will propel the organization forward and give it a competitive advantage.


Data Refinement (Getting the needle out of the haystack)

For AI engines to be efficient, data needs to be of high quality. Data cleansing and refinement can also be performed with suitable AI tools.


Precise Definition of Outputs

Cost reduction, expanding the customer base, providing quality service, or any goal you set for yourself, the key to success is defining the right goals for the organization.


The Magic Happens

Data analysis with AI: Let the machine work, extract insights, and receive a boost of innovation, competitive advantages, and better performance.

Built to last

Get to know our success stories

Generative AI

An AI-based system developed specifically by DofinityAI's team, the solution has revolutionized recruitment and candidate sourcing capabilities by examining vast amounts of data and finding suitable candidates for a job description within seconds.

  • The challenge

    Recruiting suitable employees for a position is an art. Finding suitable people for a job description can be complex and almost impossible when there are tens of thousands of candidates or more.

  • The solution

    An AI system that scans all resumes, interviews, and correspondence of candidates, completes resumes against social networks, and finds suitable candidates within seconds. The system assigns a score to each suitable candidate, according to the required job description, and presents the most suitable candidates.

Analytical AI

A global company for planning and operating electric vehicle charging stations realized it should streamline planning, establishment, and ongoing operation processes of charging stations.

  • The challenge

    Charging stations store energy from various sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, and the power grid, all at different rates and in varying weather conditions. Efficient planning of a charging and supply station requires complex decision-making based on thousands of parameters.

  • The solution

    A solution that cuts the calculation time from hours to minutes and allows multiple simulations to be run in less than an hour. The system has made a real breakthrough in the planning processes of new stations and has created significant cost savings by shortening charging times and making efficient use of wind and solar systems.

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