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How to Fill an HR Pipeline in Record Time 





Web Development


Managed Services


JAMStack, React, NetlifyCMS

  1. Agile development for rapid recruitment solution
  2. Lightweight Jamstack architecture with React and Netlify CMS
  3. Customizable, weighted questionnaire to align with Intel’s hiring priorities
Intel Intel

→ The challenge

Intel is a multinational technology company and a pioneer in microprocessor innovation. They employ more than 132,000 people across their global properties, and their HR department is constantly challenged to attract, recruit, and retain as the company expands. They continue to grow their workforce by almost 10% year-on-year, and their eyes are always on the future. Considering such growth, they need to keep their HR pipeline full—which was the crux of the project we were tasked with, working directly with Intel’s Israeli office in Haifa.

At its core, it was a recruitment campaign targeting students. The client wanted to develop an interactive questionnaire in which users would answer questions related to their tech proficiency and others more personal—lifestyle, hobbies, etc. When the questionnaire was complete, the applicant would receive recommendations on which open positions at Intel would suit them best. Our scope was strictly for development. The design was contracted to another design agency, who recommended us for the project.

Time is of the Essence. Intel needed the web app to align with its marketing campaign, which was to begin imminently. They needed to hire an experienced, agile team that could deliver a quality result quickly without risking the project’s success.
Lightweight, Low Complexity. The web app was never meant to be a full-blown website, but the client still needed control over the content, questionnaire structure, and its elements. Because of this, we didn’t want to go to the CMS route. Most CMS capabilities found in WordPress or Drupal are simply not needed here.
Content Logic. The customer knew what type of questions they wanted on the questionnaire but needed to be able to assign weight to their most important questions so they could be assured of getting the responses to align with their priorities.

→ The Solution

Delivered in “No Time”. We applied an agile development process that ensured everything would proceed as planned to meet the delivery timeline while maintaining the flexibility to tackle challenges and solve problems as they arise. 

Simple Solution, Lightweight Backend. Our solution was a Jamstack architecture with React as the frontend framework and Netlify CMS as the lightweight backend. This structure provided Intel HR with the necessary capabilities without adding unnecessary complexity or maintenance costs.

Questions—Answered. To help the client develop their questionnaire, we created a matrix with all the questions, assigning weight based on their importance. We then implemented this logic on the web app to ensure the accuracy of each question’s suggested position.

→ Success

Our speed, responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to fill multiple gaps—even if some of the asks were out of scope—are the primary reasons we achieved our goals.

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