Techno-finance energy application for Brightmerge

How to Help the World Make Better Techno-Finance Energy Decisions





Data science


AI Modeling


Product development


AI, Azure Cognitive Services, React, Python

  1. End-to-end development for EV Fleet Charging Infrastructure optimization
  2. Advanced AI-driven analysis and simulations for techno-finance decisions
  3. Scalable, secure, and fast-performing platform with seamless data integration
  4. Above-and-beyond partnership with Brightmerge, addressing unique startup challenges
Brightmerge Brightmerge

→ The challenge

Brightmerge is advancing its mission to optimize the design and operation of Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging Infrastructure. They needed to develop a data-driven system to automate and optimize decision-making in the field of renewable energy and verify the performance of advanced microgrid systems for EV fleet charging.

Leveraging AI models, machine learning algorithms, and advanced predictive capabilities, the Brightmerge platform streamlines various processes by offering seamless analysis and simulation. It empowers organizations to optimize their techno-finance energy decisions in areas such as ICE-to-EV fleet conversion, EV charging hubs, and grid & microgrid infrastructure. This is achieved through features like fleet size optimization, charging hub configurations, and ensuring grid compatibility. With the aid of the Brightmerge platform, organizations can make well-informed decisions that maximize efficiency and financial outcomes in these critical domains.

We developed this product for Brightmerge from end to end. Though the client had vast domain knowledge, they lacked software development, product development, and AI modeling capabilities. With 16 years of experience in these areas, we were the partner of choice to turn their vision into a viable product.

Data Integration: We needed to integrate multiple data sources while ensuring seamless compatibility between various data formats and APIs.
Algorithm Development: The solution required designing and implementing advanced AI algorithms capable of analyzing complex energy data and optimizing fleet conversions, charging hubs, and grid systems.
Scalability: The platform needed to be capable of processing and analyzing data on a large scale to accommodate diverse projects and varying data volumes.
Performance and Speed: Platform performance required optimization to deliver fast analysis and simulation results and ensure a seamless user experience.
Security and Compliance: Implementing robust security measures was essential to protect sensitive user data and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

→ The Solution

Seamless Integratio: We developed robust data integration pipelines capable of handling diverse data formats and APIs. Data transformation processes and secure connections ensured seamless integration with multiple third-party data sources, enabling comprehensive analysis and optimization.

Understanding Objectives: We worked closely with domain experts to understand their objectives. Leveraging machine learning and statistical techniques, we developed algorithms that efficiently processed energy data, optimized fleet conversions and charging hub configurations, and delivered accurate insights for decision-making.

Containerization: We designed a distributed, scalable architecture leveraging cloud-based services to address scalability. We ensured the platform’s ability to handle large-scale data volumes and accommodate future demands by utilizing containerization, auto-scaling, and efficient data processing techniques.

Optimization: Data processing and algorithm execution were optimized by employing efficient data structures, parallel processing techniques, and caching mechanisms. Continuous monitoring and performance testing enabled us to identify and address bottlenecks, ensuring rapid results.

Privacy-by-Design: Stringent security measures were implemented, including data encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. Adhering to data protection regulations like GDPR, we followed privacy-by-design principles and established secure data-handling practices from end to end.

→ Success

Our professionalism, tech-savvy, and ability to grasp the “big picture” were pivotal to our success with Brightmerge. As a young startup, they needed a lot of support, often outside the original scope of work. We never thought of them as “just another client.” We understand the unique challenges a pioneering startup faces and helped them in every way possible.

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