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How to Launch a Rebranded Cyber Tech Provider’s Website in Nine Weeks


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  1. Priority-based fast delivery to meet uncompromising deadline
  2. Flexible and scalable WordPress implementation
  3. Parallel and synchronized design and development process
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→ The challenge

XM Cyber is a leader in cybersecurity innovation. Their benchmark product takes a proactive approach to cyberattack prevention by addressing network vulnerabilities and mapping out potential attack paths to help companies focus on the right things.

XM Cyber was recently acquired by Schwarz Group for $700M. As a result, the company went through a massive rebranding, one aspect of which was a new website.

We were brought on board to develop XM Cyber’s new website, which was based on a design we received from their branding agency. The project was to be rolled out in two phases. The initial phase, which encompassed 70% of the website and the bulk of its functionality, needed to launch within nine weeks.

Tight deadlines could not be missed: XM Cyber had planned a massive physical brand launch, so missing the deadline by even the slightest margin was not an option. They needed to work with a team they could be confident would deliver a high-quality, fully-functional product for the grand reveal, and we were that team.
Planned animations impeded the user experience: Some of the animations the design agency planned looked amazing on video. However, interacting with them on the web proved somewhat tiring for the end-user testers, who found they negatively impacted the user experience.

→ The Solution

The deadline was the biggest challenge, but our team was up to the task. As we do with all our projects, we created a very specific and agile delivery plan to ensure there would be enough time for development, quality assurance, and user testing through multiple iterations.

We felt it was necessary to let the animations go, so we needed to convince the client that this was the right move and come up with an alternative. Working closely with the XM Cyber team, we devised a solid option that would satisfy three key aspects: sending the right message, providing an excellent user experience, and being doable within the established timeline.

→ Success

We know how stressful tight deadline projects can be on the client side. Because of the recent acquisition and brand relaunch, it was a significant initiative. If anything were to go wrong, it would reflect poorly on the brand, and we would not allow that to happen. Understanding this pressure, we consistently strive to be excellent partners, providing creative solutions for any problem. Our creative thinking, resourcefulness, and commitment to on-time delivery helped us realize XM Cyber’s vision and launch them into the future.

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