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Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble

→ The challenge

Proctor & Gamble is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. Established in 1837, P&G’s products are used in millions of homes across America. They continue to innovate new ways to improve our lives and make a positive difference for future generations.

In 2018, P&G approached us for help with an exciting educational project they wanted to get underway immediately. Their idea was to create an app to facilitate and support specific school programs. The application would enable school counselors and program instructors to manage courses and schedules, interact more effectively, and collaborate on key initiatives to ensure successful learning outcomes.

The application would be backed by Israel’s Ministry of Education, one of the biggest philanthropic funds in the country, and subsequently deployed across most schools in Israel.

Simplicity: Because app users would vary significantly in technological agility, it was essential that the interface was simple, intuitive, and could be used immediately without any special training.
Cost-Optimization: Implementing business logic and tracking tools was essential to ensure a cost-effective product that would be sustainable over the long term.
Tight Timelines: P&G engaged our services in May, but the system had to be up and running by August, which is the start of the school year.
Role-Based Access: Each role required a unique interface to align with individual objectives, tasks, and responsibilities.

→ The Solution

We launched P&G’s web app just a few days before the school year began, ensuring we were ready and available to respond, make any tweaks, and fine-tuneas needed. The app provided immediate value and was quickly adopted by all stakeholders.

With our support, P&G realized its goal of launching this ground breaking app in record time. By the end of year one, the volume of successfully completed courses and workshop signups had grown significantly, thanks to their application.


Today, the app is a cornerstone of P&Gs educational programming and can potentially be templated and leveraged by similar programs in the future.

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