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How to Launch a Modern Showcase Website in Record Time


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  1. Fast coordinated delivery
  2. Heavy content migration and SEO migration
  3. Flexible and scalable WordPress implementation
  4. Advanced design system implementation
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→ The challenge

MyHome is a full-service remodeling and design company specializing in kitchens and bathrooms in New York City. Since 1998, they have built an incredible reputation among the region’s top architects, designers, and suppliers, not to mention the tangible evidence of countless throughout the city and boroughs.

They approached us to develop a showcase and marketing website to highlight their business, generate new leads, and provide a destination for their portfolio of work. The design was already underway, but they needed a development agency that could realize their vision, which included animations and a slick, modern user interface.

Lastly, they needed the new site to go live before the “hot” summer season to leverage the increased traffic to help them grow their customer base. MyHome chose us based on the variety of skillsets we offered. They had been considering the merits of various platforms and were pleased that we had extensive experience in both (WordPress and Jamstack) and could provide critical insights on each solution. Ultimately, it was incredibly attractive for them that we were a one-stop shop for all their development needs. We worked closely with their team to ensure the vision for the website and our development approach was aligned with their goals.

Emphasis on Modern Design and Functionality: As one of the top providers in the city, MyHome needed an appealing website that would reflect their capability and experience and help them attract new customers.
Launch in Time for the Summer Season: The design process took longer than expected, resulting in delays in the website development. We were tasked with accelerating the process to ensure they could launch in time for the busy summer renovation season.
Generate Leads: Lead generation was a critical aspect of the new site design. We implemented a standalone solution that was completely detached from the website so they could start to capture leads immediately—before the new website was launched.
Homepage Animations: Their homepage design included complex web animations that required meticulous and accurate implementation in order to realize their full potential.

→ The Solution

Launch the new website in time for summer: Our development team applied an agile framework to increase output and speed time-to-result. Throughout the development process, we were in close contact with MyHome’s stakeholders to ensure we gained approval before moving on to the next development phase. This methodology helped us finish the project and work out all bugs before it was time to launch.

Standalone lead generation engine: We developed a standalone web app using NodeJS and ReactJS that is wholly detached from the website. The app was functional almost immediately, allowing them to start capturing new leads even before the new website was launched.

Functional homepage web animations: The homepage featured several complicated web animations, which required accurate implementation to ensure superior UX. We leveraged our experience with the specific types of animations needed and implemented a precise solution that combined GreenSock and advanced CSS3 animations.

→ Success

From start to finish, we were able to help MyHome transform its online presence into a highly functional website with a modern look and feel. They loved our emphasis on partnership and that we worked closely with them every step of the way, helping them make technical decisions that aligned with their business goals.

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