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How to Reinvent a Military Alumni Website and Honor IDF Veterans in the Best Possible Way


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  1. Brand refresh, along with comprehensive web design and development
  2. Exclusive subscription-based access to premium community features
  3. Integrated donation platform for supporting the association
IDF’s MM Association IDF’s MM Association

→ The challenge

The Special Operations Division (MM) is an elite unit of the IDF responsible for responding to the greatest security challenges of the State of Israel. Its alumni association acts on behalf of its alums in their civilian lives, assisting them in creating businesses, placement, networking, mentoring, and education.

IDF’s alumni website did not adequately reflect the service excellence and commitment their members are celebrated for and MM wanted to take a different approach. Their soldiers endure some of the most challenging deployments, and it is imperative they are taken care of once they are out. To achieve this, they needed a website that supported their members in every way possible to provide them with the resources, benefits, and tools they needed to succeed in civilian life.

As an experienced agency, we had what was needed to provide the client’s desired solution. To achieve their goals, we needed to deliver a UX precisely aligned to the user persona and follow up with a UI design to support the UX in form and function.

User Experience. MM needed a new, modern website that could provide the resources, tools, and information their alums required to live their best lives. They wanted to be a beacon of hope and support, which required a modern user experience that was easy to navigate and complete in every way.
Forging New Pathways. MM’s alumni foundation was newly established. The client had a strong vision of what they wanted, but there was no baseline. We were starting from zero, charting new territory, and building a full-featured website from scratch. Their pioneering approach required a lot of discussions and planning to ensure we accomplished their goals.
Context vs. Technology. The most critical goal was to maximize value to the end user. Before deciding on specific technology or architecture, we needed to understand the human journey. Doing so required many discussions to understand the end user’s goals so we could design a solution that satisfied their objectives. 

→ The Solution

Customer Centric UX. We took a systematic approach. It was a conversation—we asked and discovered together what the alums most wanted and needed, what was important to them, and what would provide the best leg up for life after the army. We then designed the UX to achieve those goals.

The Journey Supports the Destination. We put together a list of requirements in the form of goals to be achieved. It was less about “this button on this page” and more focused on the result. Because we understood the desired outcomes, planning the various features and designs needed to support that journey was much easier. 

Features that Matter. The new website design and implementation achieved the following:
- Showcase the Special Operations unit 
- Highlight its alumni
- Manage yearly subscriptions
- Provide access to members-only content, such as вesignated job board with high-quality jobs offered only to MM alumni, view and sign up for special events, access to mentorship programs.

→ Success

We listened, we learned, and we discovered. We envisioned what the MM alumni foundation wanted to achieve. We delivered a high-quality WordPress website that is as functional as it is beautiful—and a joy to use from every possible perspective.

This project was an incredible combination of understanding and problem-solving, requiring creativity and technology to fill the gaps.

Ultimately, this project and its solutions were dedicated to the good of the community. We were in a creative partnership with MM and were not limited to simply providing a good UX/UI design or a new website. The solutions we designed and developed will continue to provide value to MMs alums and help them live fulfilling lives beyond the military.

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