How to Reinvent a Top-Notch Digital Experience for a Leading Non-Profit?


  • Nonprofit organizations


  • Information architecture
  • Functional design
  • Website development
  • Managed hosting & support services
  • Compliance


  • Drupal 8
  • Twig template engine


  • Top notch digital experience
  • Drupal 8 based
  • Advanced JS foundation
  • Automated data migration
  • Security compliancy

The challenge

Yad Hanadiv Foundation (YH) was formed in 1958 to address the needs of Israeli society, carrying forward a tradition of support for Jewish revival in Palestine initiated by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in the mid-1800s. Easily the biggest philanthropic fund in Israel, some of their initiatives include establishing the Centre for Educational Technology, building the Israeli Knesset and Supreme Court, and countless other projects of historical importance.

YH and Dofinity have a deep history. We were initially hired by YH in 2009 when we were tasked with creating its initial website—back when galleries were still trendy.

Fast-forward to late 2015, YH faced a challenge: how should the next generation of their website look and behave? It was a tough question to answer. YH leads with perfection and precision in its DNA, so every detail had to be top-notch. As an agency on the leading edge of digital technology and trends, we were up to the challenge.

  • Reinvent the digital experience
    The new website needed to represent the organizationin a way that reflected YH’s legacy and impact.
  • Trilingual knowledge base
    The website would offer a modern, user-friendly knowledge hub for people to learn more about YH’s philanthropic activities in Israel. It also had to support trilingual content.
  • Content-Heavy Workloads
    Various types of content were needed to support an exceptional user experience, so high performance and scalability were prioritized.
  • Next-Gen Security
    Stringent data security was at the forefront of our efforts, ensuring alignment with YH’s image and legacy.

The Solution


There is a build-in tension between having a unique user experience which stands-out and a simple user experience suggesting intuitive interface. Achieving both goals takes being bold and sensible at the same time.

The team had got it right.

The Solution

There were two guiding principles of the analysis process:

“Pareto is dead,” and “Long live perfection.”

These statements illustrate the organizational and operational mindset, and its digital representation should not differ.

Less is more — as cliché as it sounds, this was a substantial driver throughout the process.

The functional and visual design process was quite a ride. We repeatedly iterated through brain storming, ideation, sketching, and reviewing cycles. There is an inherent tension between having a unique user experience and a simple, intuitive interface. Achieving both goals required boldness and practicality at the same time. We got it right.

Once the concept came into focus, we built a prototype to ensure UX feasibility. Performance still lagged, but it was not an insurmountable issue.

Implementation was done using Drupal 8 as the CMS and template engine, plus a combination of JS solutions that would fulfill the vision.

Selecting Drupal as the CMS was based on several factors:


Once we understood the number of media assets we needed to incorporate, it was clear that a high-performance approach would be a critical factor for success. Drupal enabled us to quickly configure and fully control a responsive image style mechanism that ensured each image was loaded in the exact size needed to satisfy its specific context.


From the outset, the organization’s IT mandated very clear and strict security standards. To us, this was easy. Meeting high-security standards requires an open-source foundation built from the ground up in Drupal with security at the forefront.


Perfection means getting it right 100% of the time—never less. From a purely technological point of view, the developers needed enough flexibility and freedom to achievethe desired outcome. Drupal is a killer OS foundation that allows us to build any digital experience you can imagine, not only at the very startof the project but also down the road.

The outcome was a source of tremendous pride and satisfaction, both within and outside the organization. The new web presence truly fulfilled YH’s vision to digitally reflect the phenomenal DNA of an extraordinarily well-tuned and impactful philanthropic organization.

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