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How to Create a Luxury Online Experience for a High-End Contractor





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  1. Pixel perfect design implementation
  2. Highly performed animated website despite heavy assets
  3. Flexible and scalable WordPress implementation
Parqueteam Parqueteam

→ The challenge

Parqueteam is a specialist finish contractor located in Herzliya, Israel. For more than 25 years, they have provided flooring and finishings like parquet, hardwood, stone, and brick for high-end luxury residential projects across the country. Parqueteam sources and installs parquet and hardwood flooring for offices and homes, brick walkways for condo buildings, and high-end natural stone for kitchens and bathrooms. They work exclusively with top-notch designers and are all about boutique service and luxury materials for their high-net-worth clientele.

We were recommended by the agency that created the new website design. Showing them some of our past work helped them envision what the final project would look like, providing confidence that we were the right development team to help them achieve their goals.

Once the agency completed the website design, we were tasked with developing their new website, which needed to speak to their audience while reflecting the quality of their work. We were chosen based on our reputation for meticulous work, collaborative approach, and attention to detail. Ultimately, the client needed to know their vision was understood and would be reflected in the result.

Selling Prestige. Parqueteam is all about luxury and prestige. The website needed to appeal to their high-end customer base, so it had to be slick, modern, clean, unique, and advanced—just like their brand and products. The website’s goal was to send a message of accuracy and professionalism—no cookie-cutter solutions and no cutting corners.
Ensuring a top-notch user experience. Animations can be challenging as they can potentially impede the user experience. We needed to add animations for site functionality while ensuring the website continued to perform.
Bridging Two Worlds. The client and our team come from two different worlds (they from construction and us from tech), so it was essential to establish strong communication to keep everyone on the same page. Essentially, we became a bridge to the tech world for them, and we came to understand their business model too.

→ The Solution

Pixel-perfect accuracy requires meticulous planning. Dynamic websites with a lot of movement and animation may look simple, but the illusion of simplicity can be complicated to achieve. We received Figma files and video files from the design agency that illustrated the animations, from which we were tasked to bring them to life on the web. We planned every step of the implementation, including choosing which tools and libraries to use. Once we could visualize how everything would work, we started coding.

Simplifying the complex. Another challenge with animations is that many developers use third parties to achieve the functionality they want. The trouble with this approach is that every library downloaded and every third-party used adds extra code, dependencies, and complexities that can cause performance issues and security risks and require additional maintenance. We kept everything as lean as possible by pushing CSS3 animations to their limits and created all animations without a single third party.

Listen well and always speak up: there are no “stupid” questions. We’re coming from tech, they come from construction, and it was clear that we spoke two different languages. It’s not always easy to explain a tech project to a non-tech client! We overcame this challenge by establishing solid and transparent communication and adopting a “no stupid questions” approach. In so doing, we created a safe space for stakeholders to interact. Whenever someone wasn’t sure about something, they knew they could ask and get the answers respectfully and patiently. Both teams learned a lot along the way!

→ Success

We wrapped the project to the client’s great satisfaction. They loved our ability to translate their company vision into a tangible result. Our outside-the-box thinking and attention to detail aligned perfectly with their custom approach and sense of exclusivity, and their website is now an extension of their physical work.

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