Choosing to work with Dofinity was one of the most important decisions we made with regard to our website. The approach has been highly professional from the initial meeting, through the design process and implementation...
Deena Leventar
Communication Manager
Deena Leventar
Communication Manager

Value Added
Increasing core business revenues and decreasing internal operations costs by introducing the virtual channel.
Case Study
High-Volume Premium Commerce Site

Offline? Online? Who cares!

Ido, Co-Founder, CMO
Winston Churchill
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”
- Winston Churchill

Web Development

Software Development
Our Offering

Our software development service provides an end to end solution – strategic analysis, requirements definition, functional analysis, coding, testing, and training all the way through to successful implementation. The bottom line: realizing and materializing your organizational needs into a live website or installable software.

The Value Added

Safe project, smooth translation of abstract needs to production-proof gain-oriented software.


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Dofinity is a software development boutique shop. We provide our customers high-end state-of-the-art web solutions involving deep business knowledge combined with innovative yet optimized technologies.
Our specialization is in working with large-scale organizations, which require not just “a website” but rather a complete business solution. Our main focus is on leveraging web and mobile technologies to achieve our customer’s business objectives.